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Cause of Tubular Breasts

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Tubular breasts tend to be caused by an insufficient development of breast tissue. This occurs during puberty and so can be potentially quite embarrassing from an aesthetic point of view from a young age. This lack of tissue means that your breasts will grow ‘unnaturally’ far apart and will tend to sag.

Because this condition is caused by this lack of developed tissue, some find that not only do they suffer with tuberous breasts, but they are also asymmetric. This means that their breasts are not equal in size. While this is true for virtually all, if not all, women, people with asymmetric breasts tend to find the difference is so prominent as to be embarrassing. Asymmetric breasts are characterised by one being at least one cup size larger than the other, although most people have asymmetric breasts to either a lesser or greater extent. If you have both these conditions, tuberous and asymmetric breasts, then it is important that you speak with specialists in detail about the best corrective surgery for you and your shape – should you choose to have it.

How to have your Tubular Breasts corrected

There are many different procedures that can be used to correct Tubular breasts. Which one you have will depend upon the nature of your condition and the advice of your doctor or cosmetic surgeon. The procedures that are available are varied and will be slightly different for every woman. Your specialist will identify the exact procedure for you depending upon your individual needs and requirements. Make sure you do plenty of research regarding all the different surgical and non surgical options; and also regarding the company who will be completing the surgery to ensure they are a reputable company.

A surgical procedure is likely to take a few hours and will probably involve some reconstructive surgery and possibly implants depending upon your requirements. The reconstructive surgery will probably involve reshaping the breast and probably some tissue expansion. This tissue expansion will provide the support that your breast requires which in turn will reduce the sagging or drooping which is characteristic of tubular breasts.

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Guide to Tubular Breasts