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Breast Implants in Belgium

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Belgium is a European country that is located on the coast of the North Sea between France and the Netherlands. Over 50% of Belgium inhabitants speak Dutch, although around a third has French as their first language. You should expect your surgeon to speak good English (as this is taught in school and medical schools in Belgium often have a requirement for their students to learn English to a high proficiency). The official currency of Belgium is the EURO although you might find that some clinics will also accept British pounds (GBP). The capital city of Belgium is Brussels, and this is where most people tend to visit in order to have their breast implant surgery in Belgium. However, other areas that are popular for medical trips include Antwerp and Genk.

Due to Belgium’s proximity to the UK you will find that the climate is very similar (temperate) with a similar prevailing Westerly wind and frequent rain showers. It has approximately 65km of beaches (mostly sandy) that border the North Sea and make it a popular holiday destination for UK tourists (as well as the lure of the Belgium chocolate)!

The Logistics of Having Your Breast Implant Surgery in Belgium

As Belgium is part of the European Union, if you hold a British or another EU passport then you will be able to enter and leave Belgium without a visa. This makes logistics slightly easier! However, once you arrive in Belgium you might find that the price of living in Belgium is not that dissimilar to the UK and this will limit the savings that you could get from having your breast implant surgery in a less expensive country (compared to the UK).

It is very easy to travel to Belgium from the UK either by flying (and there are numerous low cost airlines that fly from various UK airports into Belgium) or by taking the Eurostar that runs between London St. Pancreas and Brussels. If you wish to travel on the Eurostar from outside London then you will probably find that you are able to get a deal when buying your Eurostar tickets along with your train connections. It is certainly worth comparing the cost (and time of travel) of flying and taking the train as the cheaper option will depend on your starting point and date of travel. In addition, if you are travelling with a friend or partner then you might want to consider driving through the Channel Tunnel, through France and into Belgium (and turning your medical trip into a road trip with friends!).

To travel within Europe you will need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which has replaced the old E111. The European Health Insurance Card will cover you for any accident or illness that you might experience whilst in any country within the European Economic Area (EEA) which includes Belgium and France (if you are driving through France in order to get to Belgium for your breast implant surgery). However you will also need to arrange special travel and medical insurance and ensure that it covers you for your breast implant surgery as well as your current medical conditions (if you have any) as the European Health Insurance Card will not cover any injury that results from the surgery itself. You can apply for a European Health Insurance Card from the post office, online or by telephone and it is certainly worth getting (especially as it is free if you order it over the telephone) as it will supplement the additional insurance that you will need to take out for your breast implant surgery.  

The Cost of Having Your Breast Implant Surgery in Belgium

The cost of your breast implant surgery itself in Belgium will probably cost in the region of 2000-4000EUROS (£1700- £3500) depending on whether you find a clinic that currently has an offer on. For example, some clinics have months where they offer breast implant surgery for a reduced price (even down to 1999EUROS), but try not to let these time limited offers force you into a rushed decision as they seem to reappear fairly regularly across the Belgium clinics.

Costs of Belgium hotels also vary widely but you should expect to pay between 55-200EUROS (£45-170) per night, with the higher range including 3* (and above) hotels within one of the bigger cities including breakfast. You can find cheaper hotels if you are willing to shop around and compromise on location and/or luxury and if you book in advance.

An example cost of having your breast implant surgery in Belgium with a ten day stay could be:

Flight: £100 Accommodation: £65 x 10 Food: £40 x 10 (assuming you are eating out reasonably cheaply) Cost of surgery: £2500 (assuming you do not find a “deal”). Total: £3650

Due to the relative ease of travelling to Belgium from the UK, it would be a lot less logistically complicated to carry out an initial visit to your chosen breast implant clinic. This could give you an additional cost of: Flight: £100 Accomodation: £65 x 3 Food: £40 x 2 Consultation cost: £100. Total: £475

So, you could potentially save around £1000 by having your breast implant surgery in Belgium compared to the UK. You could increase this saving by amalgamating your initial visit with your breast surgery trip and staying in self-catering accommodation where you would be able to cook your own meals (thereby reducing your cost of living).

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