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Breast Implants in Argentina

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Argentina (or the Argentine Republic, by its full name) is (after Brazil) the second largest country in South America. It is located to the East of Chile with Paraguay, Uraguay and Brazil to the North and with the South Atlantic Ocean to the South East. The capital city is Buenos Aires which is situated to the North East of the country and the national currency is the Peso. The main language spoken is Spanish (as with most Latin American countries) although you should expect the majority of educated people (such as surgeons) to have a reasonable grasp of the English Language. Most Argentinians were originally from Europe and the main religion is Roman Catholic.

Buenos Aires hosts a large Argentine-British community and there is also a large Argentine-Welsh community around the area of Chubut, Patagonia. So, if you wish to travel into an area where you could still expect to see a large number of British people, then you could start off your search for breast implant clinics in these two areas.

Outside the greater metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, the country of Argentina has a very varied landscape (due to its large side) and also boasts the most southernmost city in the world (Ushuaia). The country includes areas of rainforests, the Patagonian plains, mountain ranges and glacial regions so would offer an adventurous traveller many options for a holiday as part of your medical trip if this is something that you might be interested in pursuing.

The Argentinian climate is as varied as the landscape ranging from sub-Antarctic in the South to a temperate climate in the North (around the area of Buenos Aires). Most rainfall in Argentina occurs during the summer months when the humidity can reach around 65% and it can get much hotter in the more Northern regions of Argentina. Some GPs may recommend that you have the yellow fever vaccination before you travel to Argentina, but this is not required for entry. If you have any concerns about travel vaccinations then you should speak to your GP before you book your flights.

The Logistics of Having Your Breast Implant Surgery in Argentina

To enter and leave Argentina on a British passport as a tourist you will not require a visa as you will automatically be provided with the permission to remain in the country for up to 90 days when you enter. However, if you plan to stay longer than 90 days then this can be extended. If you intend to carry out any business whilst you are in the country then you will need to contact that Argentinian Embassy in the UK before you leave to organise a special visa. (If you are not a British national then you should check your visa requirements before you travel).

Numerous airlines now offer flights to Buenos Aires from the UK catering for a range of comforts (from economy to first class) and going via different routes. If you are looking to keep the price down then you should consider booking your flights well in advance, during off-peak (not UK holiday) periods and looking at non-direct flight options. The flights are long haul so you will need to factor in an extra couple of days from work in order to allow for this time.

The Cost of Having Your Breast Implant Surgery in Argentina

A number of Argentinian clinics offer “medical trip packages” that include the cost of your breast implant surgery, hotel stay, an English assistant and food (but you should ensure that you check this as it usually only includes one or two meals a day). These packages usually come to around £3000 which suggests a potential saving of £2000 compared to having breast implant surgery in the UK. However, there are possible extra costs that you will need to factor into your budget, even if you take up one of these package deals. These package deals will limit you to a certain number of days (usually around 8-10 days) so if you want to remain in the country for any longer then you will have to extend your stay at the hotel yourself. Although you may be able to get a good deal if you remain at the same hotel, you might also want to consider downgrading to a cheaper hotel if you want to keep the cost down or travel to a different area of the country before your breast implant surgery.

Costs of return flights to Buenos Aires will range between £350 to £550 depending on your starting point in the UK and the time of year that you choose to fly. Obviously if you are restricted to carrying out your breast implant surgery trip during the UK school holidays then the price of flights will be higher. If this is the case then you would be well advised to book far in advance to reduce the price of flights. If you want to fly business class (or first) then you should expect to pay around £1000 (depending on the airline and the date of departure). 

So, your possible total cost for having your breast implant surgery done through a package deal and staying just for the 8 days included in the package deal could be: Package (surgery, hotel, some food and an English assistant): £3000 Flights: £450 Travel insurance: £400 Extra food costs: £20 x 8 days. Total: £4050

This still includes just under £1000 saving compared to having your breast implant surgery done in the UK, but you should be aware that the total cost could increase if you bring a friend or partner along with you, if your airfare is more expensive (either due to restrictions on your dates of travel or due to bringing your partner), if you spend more money on extra food or gifts whilst you are in the country or if you choose to extend your stay.

If you choose to book your accommodation and surgery independently then you will find the cost of accommodation in Buenos Aires to be highly variable depending on the level of comfort that you require and the location of the hotel with respect to the city centre. A typical range of cost for a single person in a 3* hotel in Buenos Aires would be between £60 and £180 per night. You will then need to ensure that any price quote that you receive from your chosen clinic includes a specified number of nights staying at the clinic, food provision whilst you are at the clinic, doctor’s fees, nurses fees, anaesthetics, consultations both pre and post operation, any medications required, any all fees required for the operation itself.

Whether you choose to organise your hotel room independently or go for a package deal it is important that you understand exactly what level of pre-operative care and after care that you should expect. In addition it is important to know the level of English spoken within your chosen clinic (especially if you do not go for a package that includes an English assistant). 

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