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Breast Implant Surgery in Egypt

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The official language of Egypt is Arabic, but English is widely understood and you should expect your surgical team to speak good English. The main religion is (Sunni) Muslim although there is also a reasonably large amount of Christianity in Egypt. Culturally, Egypt is very conservative so you should respect this by keeping your shoulders covered in religious areas and be aware that nude or topless bathing is not allowed. During the summer, it is advised that you wear loose fitting clothes due to the warm and humid climate. However, the temperature varies within Egypt due to the varied nature of the landscape (from the bustling city of Cairo to the inland deserts and coastal areas).The added advantage of wearing loose fitting clothing is that it may reduce your feeling of being conscious of your breasts after you breast implant surgery. If you are planning on heading to Egypt for your breast implant surgery during the winter season then you should be prepared to wear lots of layers to keep warm, so loose fitting layers would again be advantageous.

If you are interested in having your breast implant surgery in Egypt you will most likely want to head to Cairo (which is the capital city of Egypt) although Alexandria is another popular area for plastic surgeons offering breast implants. The main difference between these two areas is the amount of rainfall. Alexandria (being a coastal town) is very humid in summer and receives around 200mm of rain per year whilst Cairo can feel very dry in the summer and only sees around 100mm of rain per year. If you wish to double up your breast implant surgery with a little tourism then you should take into account that Cairo is better situated for visiting the pyramids, which Alexandria is a coastal town and will allow you to spend time relaxing by the Mediterranean Sea. However, your real priority should be to locate the best plastic surgery team for your needs.    

The Logistics of Having Your Breast Implant Surgery in Egypt

It is generally advised that breast implant surgery in Egypt will involve a two day hospital stay and a ten day stay in Egypt. There are numerous low cost airlines that offer cheap flights to Cairo from the UK (with flights to Alexandria generally being slightly more expensive due to its position on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Travel insurance will need to be specially arranged to make sure that it covers you for your medical trip as well as any current medical conditions that you have.

Egypt has been in the news a lot recently and the UK foreign and commonwealth office (FCO) are currently advising against anything other than essential travel to Cairo or Alexandria (as of February 2011). It is important that you check the FCO website before you plan any travel to Egypt in order to see any changes in this advice. Obviously you should avoid travelling to an area of Egypt where the FCO suggests to avoid as your insurance may become invalid.  

The Cost of Having Your Breast Implant Surgery in Egypt

As in the UK the cost of breast implant surgery in Egypt varies between clinics but you should generally expect the cost to be in the region of £1300-£1900 ($2000-$3000, US). You should be aware that most clinics in Egypt will produce the costs online in US dollars, but will convert the cost into GB pounds on request. At first glance have your breast implant surgery in Egypt may appear to offer a saving of around £3000 (approximately £5000-£1900) however, you will need to take other costs into consideration.

There are a number of cheap flights from the UK into Egypt (especially if you book in advance) but you should still expect to pay between £250 and £400 for a return flight to Cairo (depending on dates, airline and how immediately you want to fly) or between £300 and £450 for a return flight to Alexandria. Accommodation costs will also vary widely depending on when you book, your booked dates, the style of accommodation and the location. If you really want to look at budget accommodation then there are very cheap hotels available in Egypt (from £10 per night), but you should be aware that you might want to be a little bit more comfortable immediately after your breast implant surgery and may want to look at hotels that have restaurants and breakfast included so that you don’t have to worry about doing food shops in a strange country when you are still recovering from surgery. Eating out will cost you more money if you wish to stay in Egypt for the ten days, so you might want to look into self-catering accommodation so that you can cook for yourself and be more independent as you recover.

An example of costs to have breast implant surgery in Cairo could be: Flights: £300 Accommodation: £30 x 10 nights (for one person) Food: £30 x 10 days (for one person eating out cheaply) Travel insurance: £500 Travel within Cairo (to and from your clinic): £100 Spending money: £300 (if you plan to enjoy your holiday afterwards). Total: £1800 (for one person)

However, it is likely that you will need to visit your chosen clinic before your breast surgery treatment and this will increase the cost for example: Flights: £300 Accommodation: £30 x 2 nights (for one person) Food: £30 x 3 days (for one person eating out cheaply). Total for initial trip: £450

Obviously these costs could vary substantially if you want to take your partner or friend with you for support or if you wish to eat out in more expensive restaurants or stay in a 5* hotel.

You can see that the additional costs will probably be around £2000-£3000 (depending on dates and type of living that you wish to have whilst in Egypt) bringing the total amount saved from having breast implant surgery in the UK to anything up to £1000. These figures assume a 10 day stay with moderate living costs and you could save more money by sticking to a lower budget hotel, staying for a shorter period during off-peak dates, booking in advance and buying food from a supermarket.

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