VASER HighDef (VHD) – Assisted High Definition Liposculpture

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VASER Highdef (VHD) is a combination of advanced VASER ultra-sonic assisted liposuction with a skilled surgeons’ techniques that sculpts and fine-tunes the appearance of your body.  You can have your muscles made a lot more defined and the shape of certain body parts changed to allow your figure to appear as you wish it to.  VHD is not suitable for large scale fat removal but can be a tool in achieving a more toned looking body. 

Suitability for VASER HighDef (VHD)

VASER HighDef is not a weight loss system, and only ought to be used to contour or sculpt your body shape.  It would be most appropriate for someone who is very close to their ideal body weight but who is having problems getting rid of fat in some areas or toning up specific muscles.  It is best if you are fit and healthy, with no previous health problems, and aware of the risks of the procedure.  It is likely that you will be asked to stop smoking for a period of time surrounding VHD.  VASER HighDef is not suitable for those who:

  • Have lost a lot of weight very recently
  • Has any muscle or skin laxity
  • Have high amounts of stretch marks in the stomach area
  • Are considered very overweight
  • Have serious health problems
  • Want a procedure that will allow a lot of fat to be removed

VHD can enable people of a normal weight, and physically fit people to achieve their ideal body shape.  It can make you appear more muscular and athletic, and is usually used by people who are fit and healthy but want to enhance their body.  If you are struggling to obtain the body shape you want, or want to make your appearance more toned then VHD could be the answer.

VASER HighDef (VHD) Consultation

You will have to have a consultation with your surgeon before you have VHD surgery.  This will allow your surgeon to assess you, your suitability and whether or not your expectations for the surgery can be achieved.  It also gives you the chance to ask any questions that you might have and to interact with your surgeon.  All of the risks of the procedure will be highlighted to you, and what you can expect will be discussed.  Sometimes surgeons use computer technologies to show you what you might be able to expect from surgery, and often they will take photos so that you can see the before and after effects.  You will be given some time to consider the surgery, to allow you to weight up the risks and the advantages.

Where VASER HighDef (VHD) can be used

VHD is mainly used for the stomach, especially for men.  An ideal body may have a chiselled six-pack, and this is something that VHD can help men to achieve.  Likewise with women, a flat, toned stomach is often highly valued, and VHD can be used to sculpt the abdomen into your perfect shape.  VHD can also be used to help tone the thighs, arms, back or buttocks, enabling you to gain a more athletic body.

Procedure for Vaser HighDef (VHD)

The procedure for VHD is very similar to that of VASER liposuction.  You will have a local anaesthetic applied to the area that is going to be treated and saline solution is also injected to help numb the area and prepare it for the probe.  This solution contains a blood constrictor to lessen bruising and bleeding, as well as the anaesthetic.  A probe, about 3mm wide, is inserted through small incisions.  This probe emits Ultrasonic waves that break down the fat cells, allowing them to be removed quickly, and for your surgeon to target specific areas.  This means that your surgeon can effectively sculpt the fat cells so that they enhance your figure and the muscles underneath.  You will be awake for the procedure, and will be able to return home the same day. 

Cost of VASER HighDef (VHD)

The cost of your VHD surgery will very much depend on how much fat you are having removed and how many places are being treated.  Generally treatments start at £2300 for one area but then increase as more areas are treated or more sculpting is done. 

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