Laser Liposuction Advantages

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Local Anaesthetic

Unlike some other types of liposuction, laser liposuctions only take a few hours at the most and you don’t need to be placed under a general anaesthetic.  Normally for large areas of liposuction you would have to have relatively extensive surgery, with an overnight stay at the clinic and all the risks involved with a general anaesthetic.  This procedure bypasses this, and helps to make liposuction safer, with you being more aware of what is going on throughout the procedure, able to ask questions and be put at ease.

Targeting Fat Cells & Lessening Risk

With laser liposuction there is less damage caused to surrounding muscles and tissues, the energy only targets fat cells.  This means less bruising, less risk of any additional bleeding and a shorter recovery time. 

Body Shape Control

Your surgeon can be a lot more specific about how much fat they are removing, and the shape of the cavity and subsequent body shape after the procedure.

Stimulation of Collagen

Laser liposuction has also been proven to enhance the stimulation of collagen production and so make the skin appear tighter and more toned after surgery. 

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