Laser Liposuction Surgery Procedure

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A local anaesthetic is applied to the area where laser liposuction is going to be performed.  This is so that you won’t feel anything during the procedure and allows you to avoid the problems associated with a general anaesthetic.  This injection could also contain fluids to further help with the break down of fat cells, such as adrenalin and saline.  These injections are known as ‘tumescent’ liposuction, as they help to start the initial breakdown of fat deposits.  This is the ‘wet’ part of the procedure, ‘dry’ liposuction no longer being used. 

After the anaesthetic has taken effect a small incision is made and a probe entered under the skin.  This then emits thermal energy that in turn breaks down the fat cells and helps to detach them from any surrounding tissue.  This might be all that is done.  After the laser has been used your body becomes a lot more adept at getting rid of the fatty deposits and can often do the rest itself. This would be the case of someone who is having problems getting rid of relatively small fatty deposits in a certain area.  However most people then have the cells removed once they have been liquefied and broken down, using a suction tool and massage. 

The whole surgery can take less than an hour, the normal time being between 30 minutes and 2 hours, and you are awake for the entire procedure, able to ask questions throughout.

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