Smart Lipo Recovery & Risks

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Normally patients can be treated using a local anaesthetic, and can leave the clinic within a few hours of the treatment.  The Smart Lipo technique is very smooth, and can extract fat cells without much trauma to the rest of the tissues around the targeted area.  You can return to normal activities within a couple of weeks, and can often return to work after only a couple of days.  The incisions are very small, and can close up on their own so eliminating the need for stitches.  It is likely that for one or two weeks after the surgery you will be asked to wear some form of support bandage.  These are often quite subtle and sometimes not needed.  It will take up to 6 months to see the full effects of Smart Lipo, as after the procedure your body continues to absorb the fat cells that have been affected by the laser treatment. 

Smart Lipo involves as minimal risk as any form of liposuction, with no need for a general anaesthetic and a large reduction of bleeding in comparison to past forms of liposuction.  This helps to reduce the risk involved, and you ought to feel comforted that complications arising from this procedure are very rare. 

Bleeding/Bruising with Smart Lipo

As with any form of liposuction there is a chance of bleeding, bruising and possible leakage of the incisions, but this is minimal due to the nature of Smart Lipo – the cells are removed with as little effect on the rest of the body as possible, making the chances of this happening, small. 

Trapped fluids with Smart Lipo

If tumescent fluids are being used in conjunction with Smart Lipo then there is a possibility of fluids getting trapped and migrating to the lungs.  This can cause serious health concerns, although the chances of this happening is small.

Skin Irregularities with Smart Lipo

There is small risk of skin dimpling, as laser liposuction helps to stimulate the amount of collagen your body makes, so helping to smooth the skin. 

Smart Lipo is generally a safe form of surgery.  Your surgeon will be able to inform you of the risks more explicitly but there is little danger of anything too major going wrong.  People tend to have a shorter recovery time, less discomfort and little complications when using this technique.

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