Laser Liposuction Results

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Although some short-term results will be visible, it might take anything up to 6 months to see the complete effects of the laser liposuction.  This is due to the treatment method, it breaks up the fat cells that are then removed, but can also speed up the absorption and subsequent weight loss for some time afterwards.  The results will ensure a better figure, and the new shape of your body will be visible within a few days of your liposuction as the swelling goes down.  Over time the shape will become more apparent, and better results will be seen.

In order to achieve long lasting results from any form of liposuction you must make sure that you follow the exercise and dietary advise that your surgeon will provide you with after your surgery.  Laser liposuction is no different.  You will put weight on if you don’t follow this advice; liposuction isn’t a permanent cure for fatty deposits.  Likewise laser liposuction is not suitable for someone who is severely overweight or obese.  However, the use of laser liposuction can help to reduce fat build up in certain areas, and can enable weight to spread across the body, so keeping your shape in proportion.  As well as this laser liposuction has also been proven to help to banish cellulite and help to tone the skin in the area that has been treated.

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