Laser Liposuction Risks

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Due to the minimal invasiveness and the avoidance of a general anaesthetic there is little risk attached to laser liposuction.  However, no surgery is totally without risk and like any other cosmetic procedure there are potential problems that could arise. 

Your incisions could get infected, and although this is easily treated with antibiotics you must keep a close eye on the wounds, it is a lot easier to treat infections early in their development. 

Bruising can still occur during liposuction, as can bleeding, although these should be minimal due to the nature of the technique. 

There is always a possibility that your surgeon might miscalculate the amount of fat or the distribution of fat and make the result appear uneven.  In order to minimize the risk of this happening you need to check your surgeons background and ensure that they are affiliated to a specific cosmetic surgery organisation and have been trained in the use of laser liposuction. 

There is the added unique risk of laser liposuction of scarring and burning caused by the heat emitted throughout the technique.  This is getting less and less common as surgeons are better acquainted with the laser technique and can be reduced by ensuring that your surgeon has a lot of experience with laser liposuction.

In order to ensure that you recover with as little risk as possible it is important to take your surgeons’ advice.  They will ensure you are prepared with all the information you need to make your laser liposuction as risk free as possible.   

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