Laser Liposuction Recovery

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Laser liposuction will rarely require you to stay in hospital or in a clinic overnight.  Due to the reduced need for general anaesthetic often the nausea or discomfort that this can cause is eliminated.  You will be given an amount of time within the clinic to recover, but can go home soon after the treatment.  Normal recovery time for small amounts of laser liposuction is one or two days, but if you are having larger areas treated then the recovery time might take up to a week.  There are cases where you will have to wear a support bandage in order to ensure a good shape once you are fully healed.  These generally need to be worn for a week, although some surgeons have stopped using these as a recovery tool.  Your surgeon will give you advice on how to ensure a speedy recovery, but generally it would be best to avoid any strenuous activities for two weeks after laser liposuction. 

Some research has suggested that having massages in the areas where fat has been removed can help improve your recovery.  This helps the fat cells to break down even more and stimulates the body to speedily absorb the broken down structures.  If this is something that you want, you should usually start the massages a month after your surgery and continue for anything up to twelve sessions. 

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