Lasers used in Laser Liposuction

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Different lasers are used in different forms of laser liposuction, and the wavelength is changed in order to target certain amounts of fat specifically for different people.  It is important that the appropriate wavelength, and so the appropriate laser treatment, is used so that the fat is melted accordingly. 

Nd:YAG Lasers in Laser Liposuction

The most common type of laser used within laser liposuction is the Nd:YAG; a highly controllable laser introduced in 1964 that emits infrared light to target and break down fat cells.  This type of laser is not only used for liposuction but can also be used for eye surgery, hair removal and to remove skin cancers.  The wavelengths emitted by the Nd:YAG laser can be controlled easily by your surgeon so that they can be adjusted to the individuals’ needs, and it can be used in a constant or a pulsating form. 

Erchonia/Low Level Lasers in Laser Liposuction

Low-level lasers use photonic energy to stimulate the fat cells in order to enable greater ease of removal.  The cells become full of energy, leading to greater blood flow and cell regeneration.  This type of laser tends to target water molecules within the body, heating them and subsequently melting the fat cells surrounding them.

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