Alcohol, Grapefruit & Taking Levitra

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Consuming large amounts of both alcohol and grapefruit juice should be avoided when taking Levitra as they could potentially cause complications and increased side effects of the drug. However there are studies that claim that Levitra can be taken alongside alcohol as long as it is in moderation and that you do not drink excessively.

The risks of taking Levitra and drinking Alcohol

The risks of consuming alcohol whilst taking Levitra are that both of these can cause widening of the blood vessels and so if you drink over the recommended unit amount you are increasing the risks of suffering from dizziness, high blood pressure and even an increased heart rate.

Alcohol can also damage the circulation system, the nervous system and the brain and this can then lead to erectile problems and so by cutting down on alcohol you are cutting the risk of having further problems with erectile dysfunction. Many medical experts therefore recommend that no man taking Levitra should drink more than one unit of alcohol per day. Grapefruit juice can also increase the risk of having side effects from the drug and it is strongly advised never to take the Levitra tablet with grapefruit juice instead you should take Levitra with a large glass of water.

The risks of taking Levitra and drinking Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice can potentially delay the results of Levitra and cause a block up of the drug within the blood and in rare cases even cause an overdose. If grapefruit features a lot in your diet then you should inform your GP to see what risk you are in if you continue on with your normal diet. If you do not want to stop eating grapefruit then you may be advised to try another type of erectile dysfunction treatment.

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