Suitability for Viridal Duo

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Viridal Duo does have some unique suitability factors which you should thoroughly research before going ahead with the treatment. Each man has their own medical history which should be taken into account as this could make you more vulnerable to certain risks and side effects and so it is extremely important that you discuss with your GP your own personal risk of adverse effects.
Listed below are just some of the health conditions which could potentially affect your suitability for using Viridal Duo;

  • A history of strokes
  • Blood clotting illnesses and disorders
  • Previously suffered from heart failure
  • Previously suffered from vascular diseases
  • Previously suffered or are currently suffering from lung diseases
  • A history of either drug abuse or mental and psychological disorders

When not to use Viridal Duo

There are also some factors which mean that you must completely avoid using Viridal Duo and some of these are listed below;

  • If you have previously had a penile implant
  • If you are under the age of 18
  • Women
  • Having a severely disfigured penis
  • Peyronies disease
  • If you have been advised by a medical expert that you are not well enough to have sexual intercourse
  • Bone cancer, Leukaemia or sickle cell anaemia

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