Erectile Dysfunction & Diagnosis

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The first step that you should take to be able to diagnose your erective problem is to visit your GP. It is important that you are able to discuss the problems that you have been suffering from so that you can find out exactly what is causing your condition.

Common Questions to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

  • Are you able to get an erection at all?
  • Is the erection hard enough to penetrate your partner?
  • Can you maintain the erection?

The GP may also ask you some general questions about your lifestyle to try and diagnose your problem. Some examples of these questions are below;

  • Are you married? Or do you have a long term partner?
  • What is your sexual orientation?
  • How many sexual partners do you have?
  • Is your erectile problem present with one or all of your sexual partners?
  • Do you use recreational drugs?

The GP will then ask you about your medical history and other conditions that you may be suffering from. They will also look at any medication that you are currently taking such as blood pressure tablets as this could be causing your erectile dysfunction.

Physical Examinations

There may also be a physical examination conducted by your GP. This examination is not invasive as the GP will only want to look at the outer part of your penis and testicles, they will often do this to ensure that you are not affected by a neurological disorder. You will be tested for this disorder by the GP checking your reflexes and by doing a touch test to see what degree of feeling that you have with erectile dysfunction.

This is the second stage that you must do to be able to fully diagnose your problem. It is important to do this as if you are not open with your partner about your condition then you may suffer from extra anxiety or depression and this could further affect your erectile dysfunction.

If you are in a relationship then it is extremely important to able to have your partner’s full support and trust. Also your partner can play a vital role in solving your erectile problem by learning things like new ways to stimulate you which may help improve your chances of having an erection.

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