Vibrators for Erectile Dysfunction

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In recent years vibrators have become more widely used to treat the side effects of erectile dysfunction. Vibrators are commonly used to help stop premature ejaculation as they help to increase stamina. Vibrators are also used by men with physical disabilities as it allows them to have sexual fulfilment and it can also aid them in being able to provide semen to be able to conceive with their partner.

Effectiveness of Vibrators

Below are some the many ways in which male vibrators can help you with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

  • Increases libido
  • Improves the sexual relationship between you and your partner
  • They help sustain the erection
  • Help reduce psychological induced erectile problems
  • Sexual impotence

Types of Vibrators

There are many different types of vibrators that can help you solve your erectile problems. The most common type of these to help with impotence is the vibrator which is attached to a ring which is then placed at the base of the erect penis to improve its rigidity and stamina. This vibrator is called the ‘penisator’ and it can also be used to increase the blood flow into your penis. The penisator can be used at various spend depending on what effect you want from the vibrator.

These various types of vibrators are not prescribed on the NHS and have to be independently purchased.

Side Effects of Vibrators

There are relatively few side effects of vibrators and most of the ones that are caused are by men using vibrators that are made from materials that they are allergic to.

It has been reported that some of these vibrators have caused internal damage to the partner for example tearing or cutting them whilst being used in intercourse and it is very important to follow the instructions and to not use the vibrators for anything that they are not designed to do.

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