Erectile Dysfunction Questions

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When finding out that you are suffering from a health problem there are always many questions that you want to ask about the condition. Below are just some of the most frequently asked questions regarding erectile dysfunction.

Is erectile dysfunction normal and should I just learn to live with it?

The quickest answer to this is no, it is not normal and it is not something that you should have to live with whatever your age.

How can I tell if I have erectile dysfunction?

The main symptoms you should look for is the inability to get or maintain an erection at any time and also by having problems with premature ejaculation.

Can I stop myself from getting erectile dysfunction?

The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to have a healthy balanced lifestyle with a good diet and plenty of exercise. It is also extremely important to stay healthy mentally as this can be a common cause or erectile problems. It also advised that you should not smoke, use recreational drugs or consume too much alcohol.

Do I have to be T-total to be protected from erectile dysfunction?

If you stick to the recommended unit intake per week which is set out by medical experts then it should not cause a problem with erectile dysfunction. The recommended number of alcohol units to be consumed per week for an average male is 21 units with no more than 4 of these units being consumed in one day. It is not completely guaranteed that if you lead a healthy lifestyle such as abstaining from alcohol that you will be automatically protected from erectile problems as under lying health matters can often cause this condition.

Is it possible to have erectile problems with only one of my sexual partners?

Yes it is possible to only have erectile dysfunction with one partner however the erectile problem will tend not be a medical one. The problem may be caused by a problem in that relationship such as communication breakdown and these causes of erectile dysfunction are often known as psychological ones.

Should I involve my partner in the treatment process for erectile dysfunction?

It is strongly advised that if you are in a stable relationship where the erectile dysfunctions are causing problems with your partner such as causing infertility then your partner should be involved with the treatment.

If you do not tell your partner for any of the various reasons such as embarrassment, then you run the risk of alienating them from the situation and causing further problems such as anxiety that could lead to further erectile dysfunctions. Your partner

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