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Before going ahead with this treatment there are some points which you should consider to make sure that you are suitable for the medication.

The first thing to do is to check all the ingredients in the MUSE applicators to make sure that you are not allergic to any of its components, if you are not sure about the medical names of any of the ingredients it is strongly advised that you should contact your GP to discuss this further.

The main suitability factors for the MUSE treatment which you should consider are listed below;

  • If you have been previously advised by your GP that you are not well enough to take part in sexual intercourse for example if you suffer from heart disease
  • If you have previously had or currently suffering from sickle cell anaemia, cancer (particularly bone cancer) and leukaemia
  • If you have any sort of condition which could increase your chances of having prolonged erections
  • If you have an infection of the urethra or at the end of the penis as the MUSE medication could further irritate this condition
  • If the end of your penis is inflamed
  • You should not use MUSE if your penis is severely deformed, for example a misshapen urethra or a severely curved penis.
  • If you have Peyronies disease

Other Important Considerations when using MUSE

This medication could also potentially affect your driving and you should not drive heavy machinery whilst under the influences from MUSE medication. MUSE should also be used with extreme caution if your partner is pregnant or trying to conceive as the medication could affect the child, if you do choose to use MUSE then you must take precautions which will barrier your partner from this medication such as condoms.

If you are currently taking any sort of blood clotting medication you should not take MUSE without consulting a medical professional as this could potentially increase the risk of urethral bleeding.

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