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Ginkgo is a commonly used herbal supplement which originates from a tree in North America. Ginkgo is used for many different reasons from improving memory function to blood circulation and erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo is thought to be able to thin the blood, increase muscle tone in blood vessels and it can also help to improve blood flow.

Suitability of taking Ginkgo

There are some suitability factors which should be considered before taking Ginkgo. Some of these are listed below;

  • The supplement should never be used if you suffer from a blood clotting disorder.
  • It should be used with extreme caution if you suffer from epilepsy or if you have previously suffered from seizures
  • Ginkgo has also been known to affect blood sugar levels and so this supplement should be avoided if you suffer from diabetes especially if you have trouble regulating your blood sugar levels

Side Effects of Ginkgo

There are also some side effects which could potentially occur whilst taking this supplement. It is important to know the signs of these and when you should seek medical assistance. Below are just some of these potential side effects;

  • An increased risk of seizures
  • Stomach aches and digestion problems
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Skin reactions
  • Increased chance of muscle weakness
  • Vomiting

The consumption of fresh Gingko seeds can even cause difficulty breathing, unconscious or in the worst case even death.

Cost of Gingko

Gingko is relatively cheap product to buy; the prices do vary especially when buying the drug online. The average price for these tablets range from £10 to £15 for 30 tablets. It is essential that you buy these drugs from a reputable website as many websites do sell illegal versions of this drug which will not have been monitored and researched by medical experts which could be potentially fatal.

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