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Buy Levitra Online for Erectile Dysfunction »

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Levitra (Vardenafil) is a commonly used drug to treat erectile dysfunction. Levitra should be taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse and it should never be taken more than once per day.

Levitra helps to increase the blood flow to your penis and this helps you to get and then maintain an erection. Once intercourse has taken place the blood flow would then decrease from your penis allowing the erection to go away. Levitra can be taken alongside other types of medication such as blood pressure tablets and can help you with your erectile problems even if you have other medical conditions like diabetes.

Suitability of Levitra

There are some men that are unable to take this drug and they include those that take nitrates which are commonly prescribed for angina. You should never take Levitra if you are also taking recreational drugs like ‘poppers’ as they too can often contain nitrates.

You should always respect the advice of your GP and if they have advised against medications that can improve the symptoms of erectile problems because of your health then you should never purchase and use the drugs if they have not been prescribed. You should also carefully check all of the ingredients of Levitra before going ahead with the medication.

Side Effects of Levitra

The side effects of this drug include symptoms such as headaches, drowsiness, facial flushing and indigestion. There are also some less common side effects of Levitra, these include a sudden loss or decrease in vision in either one or both of the eyes. Also sudden loss in hearing has also been reported by some men that have taken this drug.  Levitra may also cause a prolonged and at times painful erection which should be treated if it has lasted longer than 4 hours.

Cost of Levitra & Buying it Online

Levitra is available on the NHS to men which fall into particular categories and for those men the drug would only cost the current prescription charge which is £7.20. However if you are not eligible for NHS treatment then the cost of Levitra is a lot more expensive.The average costs for the Levitra drug on a private prescription are listed below;

  • Four Levitra tablets of the 5mg dosage cost around £17.00 and eight of these drugs cost around £30 to £35.
  • Four Levitra tablets of the 10mg dosage cost around £20 to £25 and eight of these drugs cost around £45.
  • Four Levitra tablets of the 20mg dosage cost around £20 to £25 and eight of these drugs cost around £47.

Levitra is also available to buy online although you must be careful that you are using a reputable website as often you can find illegal companies selling Levitra which could be selling counterfeit drugs that have not been regulated by medical experts.

Risks of buying Levitra Online

The prices of buying Levitra online do vary and often extra costs have to be paid that you may not be aware of. An example of this is that on some of the websites you may have to pay for an online consultation with a doctor which can cost anything from around £10 to £50.

It is also not always guaranteed that the person who is assessing your medical history and current health statistics is a qualified doctor. This could put your health in danger as there is a chance that you may be given a drug which you are unsuitable for or a wrong dosage. You may also have to pay for postage and packaging which could add extra costs to the bill especially if the company is not based in the UK. 

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