Cost of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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There are many different treatments that are used to try and solve the problems of impotence and not all of these are expensive. Some of the treatments are widely available on the NHS and if you start having symptoms of impotence then you should book an appointment with your GP to talk about what options are open to you and how much they will cost.

Low Cost Treatments

The cheapest method of trying to solve your erectile problems is by self help. Self help can reduce the psychological induced problems and it also can help the psychical factors that can cause erectile dysfunction. Simple things like eating a healthy diet and cutting out smoking and drinking can help your health and save you money.

Herbal supplements and vitamin tablets can also help you to solve your erection problems with very little cost with a course of supplements costing between £5 and £20. Vacuum pumps can cost between £50 and £100 and can offer a short term effective solution to your erectile problems.

Another low cost treatment are ‘confidence rings’ which can be purchased for around £2 to £5 and these low cost and low risk solutions should definitely be considered before going ahead with expensive and at times painful and risky alternatives.

High Cost Treatments

Many treatments are available on the NHS but there may be some extra costs which you should look into before visiting your GP, but if you want to have treatments privately then the price is much higher. To buy erectile dysfunction tablets privately like Viagra and Cialis then these tablets will cost around £60 for 10 pills although on various websites you can buy individual tablets which cost between £1 and £2 each.

Another expensive treatment for erectile dysfunction is penile implants which can cost up to £2000. The semi-rigid implants are a little cheaper than the inflatable implants but not all men are able to have this surgery as it may further affect their health.

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