Erectile Dysfunction & Obesity

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A study published by ‘The Journal of Sexual Medicine’ stating that their findings (which were concluded from looking at 2,435 men with erectile dysfunction) found that there was a ‘clear association’ between being obese and suffering from erectile problems

Psychological Problems of Obesity

There is a good chance that if you are obese or suffer from weight problems your erectile problems could be down to low self esteem which could ultimately lead to ‘performance anxiety’, and this idea is widely accepted by lots of medical experts.

Although this idea is widely accepted there are other experts that think that the link between being seriously overweight and having erectile problems is down to the fact that obese men tend to have a worse self body image than a man who is of a normal weight. 

Physical Problems of Obesity

Obesity is thought to cause physical problems that affect erectile dysfunction and many of these problems are caused by living a non-healthy lifestyle. Problems that can lead onto erectile dysfunctions are factors like having high cholesterol which can lead onto serious heart disease and diabetes.

Being obese can also lead to low hormone levels which can cause erectile dysfunctions. This is because one of the hormones that is commonly affected by obesity is testosterone which is a key ingredient to having an erection.

Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is an extremely common side effect of being obese. It is not only blood pressure that can cause erectile dysfunction but the medication which is prescribed for it can also enhance the chance of problems as the medication can cause problems with blood flow and circulation. 

To be able to stop the erectile dysfunctions that you may be suffering from due to obesity you should take steps to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be able to do this you must eat healthy and take part in regular exercise.

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