Erectile Dysfunction & Depression

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For many years now depression has been proved to be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. In a recent survey it claimed that up to 85% of men who have suffered or are presently suffering from severe erectile dysfunctions also had signs of depression.

The treatment for depression is extremely effective with some studies even claiming an 80% success rate and so if it is depression that is causing your erectile dysfunction there is a high chance of solving your problem.

Treating Depression

Treating depression is different to treating anxiety and stress as it tends to be a more long term and prolonged problem. The two main ways of treating depression is through medication and psychotherapy.

Depression medications have often been criticised for only controlling and solving the symptoms of depression rather than allowing you to be able to deal with the root cause of what made you depressed in the first place.

Anti depressants may be prescribed if the symptoms of your depression lasts over 3 weeks and starts to interfere with your everyday life like stopping you from going to work. Anti depressants are advised to be taken as a short term solution and that therapy is the best way to ensure that you manages to get a hold of your depression and that it does not keep returning.

The dosage of these tablets will vary from person to person and the GP will look into your medical history to see if there has been a history of mental disorders or conditions that could affect the results of the tablets.

There are side effects to these tablets and if you take over the recommended amount they could even result in death. It is vital to understand how much you have to take, how many times a day and the conditions in which you have to take them in for example taking them with food. 

Therapy is the alternative method of treatment to medication and should be looked into if you have suffered from depression for a long period of time and the side effects of the medication are hindering your health.

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