Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

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In recent years the number of young men ranging from the age of 20 to around 35 that are suffering from erectile dysfunction has dramatically increased. Many medical experts have argued that this is because of the rise in obesity in young men and also younger men leading unhealthy lifestyles.

Physical Reasons in Young Men

There are physical factors that can affect your sex life at any age from conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure but there are some physical factors that are more likely to affect younger men. 

Leading unhealthy lifestyles are the most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. Younger men are more likely to drink more often and when they do drink they tend to consume more units of alcohol and this can again add to erectile problems. Smoking and taking recreational drugs are also traits that are more likely to be found in younger men.

Obesity has also dramatically increased in the younger age groups in both of the sexes and being overweight and having a high body mass index (BMI) can lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. These health risks can then lead to other health problems including further erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Reasons in Young Men

In young men it is the psychological factors that cause the vast majority of erectile problems. This is because younger men tend to have more anxiety over having sex and for many younger men their experience can lead to ‘performance anxiety’ and worries over how to use a condom and how to please their partner. It has been proven that younger men also worry more about sexually transmitted infections (STI’S) and getting their partner pregnant.

Younger men are more likely to have stress related problems either because of work or relationship problems and these worries can then lead to self esteem issues and depression which can further increase the chances of suffering from erectile problems.

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