Erectile Dysfunction & Heart Disease

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Heart disease can affect your sex life in various ways. It may affect you if you have previously suffered from heart attacks as you may not be physically fit enough to able to cope with having sex due to the extra pressure that it puts on your heart.

Heart disease can also cause atherosclerosis which is a condition where your arteries harden and this condition will then cause erectile problems as it affects the blood flow to the penis. Medicines like statins and fibrates which are used to treat high cholesterol levels can lead to erectile dysfunction as they too can affect erections.

Sex and Heart Disease

An easy way to assess whether you are fit enough for sex is to walk up four flights of stairs and if you suffer no dizziness or breathing difficulties, then your body should be capable of dealing with the stress of having sex.

It is strongly advised by medical experts that if you have had a heart attack you should seek advice from your GP so they can assess your condition in detail. They can then monitor you to see whether sex is having a positive or negative effect on your heart disease and men who are monitored closely by their GP are less likely to have sex induced problems.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction caused by Heart Disease

If your erectile problems are caused by heart disease then there are certain treatments that you must avoid to be able to treat the condition effectively and without causing further harm to your health.

Oral treatments like Viagra and Levitra are normally not used to treat men with heart disease as they can affect the medicine that is prescribed for their other and more serious condition. These oral treatments should never be taken if you have recently had a heart attack (in the last 6 months to a year) as they could delay your recovery or even cause another heart attack.

The treatments that are normally advised for men with heart disease are the drugs that are administered by injections or by inserting a pellet into the urethra. These treatments are Caverject, MUSE and Viridal duo.

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