How Levitra Works

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Levitra works in a similar way to most of the other erectile dysfunction drugs which is by blocking a chemical within the body that allows blood to flow out of the penis when it is erect. So because less blood is now leaving the penis you are have a higher chance of having a harder and longer lasting erection. It is important to remember that Levitra will not increase the sex drive and Libido and so it is rarely successful in treating anxiety related erectile problems.

Levitra will not cause an erection without sexual stimulation of any sort as it is not a hormone it just helps the erection to happen and then helot to support it for a longer period of time. After taking the drug it normally takes around 20 minutes for it to start working although the best effects are seen at around an hour after taking. Obviously this time period will change from person to person. The effects of Levitra are not affected if consumed with food which is a benefit as you do not have to plan your meal times around taking the drug.

Levitra is often prescribed to men who have had previous problems with erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and so this drug gives men a second chance to solve their erectile problems through using oral tablets.

It is advised that Levitra may take a couple of attempts before you see a satisfactory result and that you should not give up straight away. If after a couple of weeks the drug is still not giving you results then you should go back to your GP and they may be able to increase the dosage so you can get a better standard of results.

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