Vascular Reconstructive Surgery Erectile Dysfunction

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Vascular Reconstructive surgery is used to help men with erectile dysfunction by improving the blood supply to the penis. The surgery does this by going around blocked arteries and creating a clear pathway from the abdominal muscle to the penile artery to allow the blood to have a clearer bath to allow erections to be harder and to last much longer.

Vascular Reconstructive surgery can also include blocking off veins which are allowing too much blood to drain away from the penis which can result in an erection that will not last throughout sexual intercourse.

This surgery is extremely difficult to do and only a very small percentage of men actually qualify for this procedure. The men who are most likely to be able to qualify for this surgery are younger men who have had trauma to the penis which has resulted with erectile problems. Because of the suitability problems it is extremely important to discuss the procedure thoroughly with your GP to make sure that this is the best option for you because there is chance that the surgery is not successful which could potentially create more erectile problems.

The surveys which have been done on Vascular Reconstructive surgery have not had very good results with only 1 man in 20 seeing dramatic results which has positively improved their erectile problems. The surgery also has the disadvantage of only lasting for around 2 years or even less and so you will need several surgery’s in a life time to keep up the desired result.

Advantages of Vascular Reconstructive Surgery

Listed below are the advantages of Vascular Reconstructive surgery;

  • When the procedure goes to plan it can help to restore natural erections that will improve your sex life
  • The procedure leaves no visible signs and your partner would not be able to tell that you have had surgery
  • There is no implant needed for this surgery
  • Even if the surgery does have complications it will not interfere with other procedures or treatments

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