Dependency on Levitra

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With any sort of medication there is a slim chance of you becoming psychologically dependant on the drug even if the pill does not cause a physical addiction. Levitra is not a drug that causes physical addiction and so men who have erectile dysfunction because of other health conditions should not be worried about developing this sort of addiction.

This dependency commonly occurs in men who have had a psychologically caused erectile problem. This is because the men often become dependent on the idea that the drug has given them a healthy sex life and they feel that they will be unable to have this after they have stopped taking the drug.

Signs of Dependency

There are certain signs that you should look out for when using Levitra to ensure that you are not becoming dependant. This include having problems within your relationship about your use of the drug, using Levitra when you do not plan on having sex and if you start to have a tolerance to the dosage of Levitra that has been prescribed to you and you feel like you need to take a higher dosage of the drug to get a satisfactory result.

If you or your partner feel like you may be having problems with your treatment then it is important that you should seek help from either your GP or a support group before the problem escalates into a dependency which could do further harm to your health.

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