Blood Tests for Erectile Dysfunction

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Blood tests are an important part of diagnosing erectile dysfunction as your blood can tell you so much about what is happening within your body that may be causing your erection problems.

Complete Blood Test (CBC)

The complete blood test is a set of tests that can detect many different things within your blood. This test is especially useful if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction as it can detect anaemia. Anaemia is caused by a low count of red blood cells and this can cause extreme fatigue. Fatigue is a common cause of erectile dysfunction and therefore if you are found to be suffering from this condition then it is important to treat it so that your erectile problems can be reduced.

Blood Hormone Test

This test looks at the levels of testosterone and prolactin within your blood. The test will be able to show up any unusual low levels of testosterone as it is this hormone that affects your chances of getting an erection.

Lipid Profile Blood Test

This blood test measures the amounts of lipids and fats that are within your body. One of these fats that can be picked up in this test is cholesterol which can cause serious impacts on your health and it is important to keep it at a low level.

High levels of these lipids and fats may indicate that you may have atherosclerosis. This condition is extremely serious and can have a major impact on your health due to the fact that it is a sign that your arteries may be hardening and reducing the amount of blood that can pass through the body. This can seriously improve your chances of having erectile dysfunctions as the blood flow to your penis could be dramatically decreased making an erection much harder to have.


This blood test is a little different to the others that are used to diagnose erectile dysfunction as a specialist dye is injected into the blood vessels of the penis. After this dye has been administered the doctor will be able to scan your penis and they will be able to see how the blood is flowing through it. The doctor will also be able to check that your penis is functioning properly and to make sure that there are no blockages that could possibly be preventing blood flow.

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