Erectile Dysfunction & Diet

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Diet is of the extreme importance when trying to treat erectile dysfunction, as eating large amounts of unhealthy foods can affect your entire body and it can be the start of many health complications.

Foods to avoid for Erectile Dysfunction

The following foods should be avoided when trying to treat erectile dysfunction as in large quantities they can cause high blood pressure, obesity and cardiac problems.

  • Fatty red meats
  • Refined starches – white flour, biscuits, pasta etc
  • Fast food (Takeaways)
  • Salty foods such as crisps
  • Canned soup and vegetables
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Alcohol

Good Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many foods that can really help you in your battle to solve your erective problems. By following a good diet you can also decrease the risk of having serious health issues in the future like diabetes. Below are just some of the foods that your GP may advise you to eat to help you have a healthy diet.

  • Fresh and unprocessed foods
  • Fresh and un-canned Fruit
  • Fresh and un-canned Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Seeds, nuts and pulses
  • Cold water fish such as salmon
  • Drink lots of fresh filtered water

Supplements can also be helpful when trying to have a healthier diet and there are some especially made to help with erectile dysfunction. There are also several specialist diets that are advertised that are thought to improve the sex drive and decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction. These diets include the Mediterranean diet which advises foods such as oily fish, olives, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Foods rich in Omega-3 are also strongly recommend if you suffer from erectile dysfunction as these foods improve blood circulation, neurological functions and your nervous system.

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