Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

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The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is that you are unable to have an erection at any time or under any circumstance. The other main symptom is when your erection is not able to last throughout sexual activity. If these symptoms only happen once or twice then there is normally nothing to worry about, as the vast majority of men have experienced erectile dysfunctions within their life time. It is when these problems become persistent and are ruling your day to day life that you should seek medical advice.

Questions to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

There are some simple questions that you can ask yourself to see whether you should seek help about your erection problems. You need to ask is your sex life being affected by these problems and has intercourse become infrequent due to your condition. You then need to think about why sexual intercourse has become infrequent is this because of vaginal penetration becoming impossible or are you constantly suffering from premature ejaculations.

Another useful question to ask yourself is how firm your erections are and how do they alter under different circumstances. You should ask yourself questions like does your erectile dysfunction happen when you are with a particular partner, because if so this could be a psychological problem. This particular erective problem could be down to relationship problems or low libido which would be treated with therapy or counselling rather than a medical issue that needs treatment with medicines or surgery.

Other Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Other symptoms of erectile dysfunctions include a loss in libido and sexual desire and not being able to ejaculate or to orgasm. Also if you have noticed a curve in your penis when it becomes erect this could be a sign of the Peyronie’s disease and would need different treatment to the other causes of erectile dysfunction.

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