Zinc for Erectile Dysfunction

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Zinc can really help you to find a solution to your erectile problems as Zinc is one of the most important nutrients to have a good sexual health. Zinc can increase the level of testosterone, it can help with sperm mobility and it has also been claimed by some medical experts that it can even improve fertility.

In older men especially there is an increased concentration of Zinc in the prostrate and testes and because of this it is claimed that by increasing you Zinc levels you can also increase your sexual libido.

Natural Zinc

Zinc like many other supplements can be found in natural food sources these include;

  • Nuts
  • Pulses and beans
  • Cold water fish
  • Oysters
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Poultry

It has also been proved that men with diabetes, kidney and liver disease and some digestive disorders have a lower level if Zinc then men without these health conditions and these health problems can also cause erectile dysfunction and so by eating food with zinc more often you are helping your health in two different ways.

Even though Zinc is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle if too much of it is consumed then it could possible damage your immune system and add to your health problems rather than helping them. The dosage of Zinc that is most widely recommended is 30mg of Zinc per day.

Cost of Zinc

The cost of Zinc is relatively low and it is available from all good medicine outlets on the high street with the average price for a 100 hundred tablets costing around £4 to £5. Zinc tablets are also available to buy online from many reputable websites where if you buy in bulk the price could be even cheaper although you may have to pay for post and packaging.

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