Erectile Dysfunction & Smoking

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It has been confirmed by many surveys and studies that there is a direct link between smoking and erectile problems. This evidence is even printed on cigarette packets with warnings such as; ‘smoking causes males sexual impotence’, ‘smoking damages sperm’ and ‘smoking may damage your sex life’.

A leading study by the British Medical Association (BMA) has allowed them to estimate that up to 120,000 men aged between 30 and 40 in the UK alone suffer from impotence as a direct cause of smoking.

How smoking causes Erectile Dysfunction

There are many ways that smoking can cause erectile dysfunction; one of the main reasons is that smoking leads to circulatory problems. These circulatory problems are caused by fatty deposits which get stuck in the main arteries in the body and they allow less blood to be able to circulate. This obviously affects erectile problems because it the penis does not get enough blood then it is impossible to have an erection.

Smoking can also cause problems with your sperm which can ultimately lead to fertility problems. The process of smoking does not just affect sperm in one way it damages it in three ways. The first way is that smoking impairs the sperms mobility, it lowers the amount of sperm produced and it can also affect the shape of the sperm. Studies have also shown that on occasions the nicotine count in men has shown to be higher in semen that in blood and this shows how vulnerable your body really is to the damaging effects of smoking. These affects are not easily treated and if you and your partner want to try for a baby then stopping smoking is crucial as it can really help raise the chances of conception.

Smoking also causes erectile dysfunction through increasing the chances of having other serious health issues such as heart disease and high blood pressure. So by living a non healthy lifestyle you are automatically putting yourself at risk from erectile dysfunction.

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