Erectile Dysfunction & Alcohol

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Alcohol in large amounts on a frequent basis is bad for anyone’s health but it is also a common cause of erectile dysfunction.

Short Term effects of Alcohol

The short term effect of alcohol can be relatively short lived and it often occurs after drinking excessively. This affect on sexual performance is more commonly known by the slang term ‘brewer’s droop’ which refers to the temporary loss of erections due to consuming too much alcohol.

Long term effects of Alcohol

The effects of alcohol on your erections get a lot more sinister when a great deal of alcohol is consumed over a sustained period of time. Alcohol has a negative impact on your erections due to the fact that it affects the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for allowing your body to have an erection and if these signals between the brain and the penis are interrupted then it makes it harder and often impossible for the body to have an erection.

It has also been proved by medical experts that alcohol can cause long term impotence and irreversible damage, this condition is known as ‘alcohol impotence’.

Alcoholism and Erectile Dysfunction

Alcoholism has extreme toxic effects within your body and it especially affects the liver, brain and the nervous system. It is this affect on the nervous system which gives you the most serious problems that are associated with erectile dysfunction. Alcoholism can have an adverse effect on your libido and it can affect hormone levels resulting in a fall in the level of testosterone being produced.

Being an alcoholic can have a dramatic effect on your personal and social life with a lot of people suffering from this condition also having to deal with extreme stress, anxiety and depression. If you are in a relationship this could also suffer due to the alcoholism and this would then make it more likely for you to have erectile problems. 

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