How to use Levitra

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Before you start taking Levitra it is important to know all the information so you know how to use the drug effectively.

To get the best results it is recommended that you take your prescribed dosage of the pill around 25 minutes before taking apart in sexual activity. The results can last for around 10 hours after taking the tablet although this time span does vary from person to person and it affects every man differently. You should never take more than one tablet per day even if you have been prescribed the lowest possible dosage.

What not to take with Levitra

Unlike the other two main types of oral erectile dysfunction medication you are able to take Levitra with or without food however the more food you eat the longer the effects take to happen. You should not take Levitra with large amounts of alcohol although less than 2 units per day should not affect the medication.  If you do choose to drink large amounts of alcohol this could cause more serious side effects of the drug.

It is also important to remember that if you have any medical changes whilst you are taking your current prescription of Levitra such as having heart problems or being diagnosed with diabetes you should immediately seek medical advice from your GP as you may not be suitable to keep on taking the drug or your dosage may have to be lowered. You should also seek help from your GP if you are suffering from any of the side effects over a long period of time, as these side effects should wear off after the first few times of taking the drug.

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