External Splints for Erectile Dysfunction (Penile Splints)

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These external splints are used to help make an erection hard enough to be able to penetrate during sexual intercourse. These devices consist of a splint which is attached to the underside of the penis to be able to support the penis in an upright position and often these splints have to be then secured to the body either with a strap around your back or on the scrotum.

Side Effects of External Splints

The main side effect of these splints is that they could possibly cause trauma to you and your partner. This can occur because of the splints been made out of non-pliable materials and using various mechanical parts within the device.

The splints could also cause damage to the penis by pulling on and tearing the skin tissue and it is also not very comfortable and can often make the intercourse painful and not enjoyable. It is widely recommended by medical experts that penile splints should not be used as a long term solution to erectile problems as it could cause serious damage to both you and your partner.

It is also very important to clean the external splints as having them un-sanitised could lead to more side effects and infections, this is particularly important if you have more than one sexual partner.

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