Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Pumps (Volume Constriction Device)

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These devices are external pumps which are commonly used by men who are unable to get and maintain an erection naturally.

How the Devices work

The device works by creating a vacuum and it does this by two components; a cylinder and the pump. The pump is placed over the penis and then you have pump out the air in the cylinder so that the vacuum can draw blood into the penis. When an erection has been achieved you will then have to place the band at the lower end of the penis, then you remove the vacuum and take off the pump. The band can be kept on during intercourse but it should not be kept on any longer than 30 minutes.

Results and Side Effects of the Treatment Pumps

The results of these treatment pumps have been successful with some surveys claiming that that the satisfaction rates are between 50% and 80% however with all treatments these results tend to decrease with time.

The side effects are that the erection will not be a natural one and therefore the feeling in the penis will be minimal as it may be numb. The pumps can also leave markings and bruises on the penis although these do tend to be painless and they fade in a few days.

The band which is one the base of the penis during intercourse can effect ejaculation and the semen normally leaves the penis has after the band has been removed, this will not affect the pleasure of the orgasm but obviously this is not suitable if you and your partner are trying to conceive.

Suitability for Treatment Pumps

Treatments pumps can be used by many men with many different problems. The devices are also safe to use if you are suffering from another health issue such as diabetes.

The treatment pumps should not be used if you have a serious bleeding disorder or if you suffer from priapism which is when you have prolonged and painful erections. As with all methods of treatment it is best to seek advice from your GP before deciding which method to choose.

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