How to Test Yourself for Erectile Dysfunction

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There are some simple questions that you can ask yourself to see whether your worries about your erection problems are justified.

You need to consider how often you can achieve an erection during sexual stimulation and then what percent of the time are you then able to go on to sexual intercourse and penetrate your partner.

Then you must think about the timing of your erections and to assess how long they are able to stay rigid for. Premature ejaculation is also a symptom of erectile dysfunction and if you suffer from these more than 20% of the time then this could be a problem which may be able to be treated and then hopefully solved by your GP.

The Nocturnal penile tumescence test

This test is extremely important as you can find out whether your erectile problem is a physical or a psychological one. If you are able to have an erection whilst you are asleep but not when you are being sexually stimulated this tends to lead to the fact that you are suffering from a psychological problem which would not be able to be treated by normal medication. To be able to determine this you should do this simple test whilst you are asleep.

The simplest way of doing this test is by using a snap gauge which is a plastic covering which is placed over the penis whilst asleep. This snap gauge will then break if you get an erection during sleep as the gauge can only withhold a certain amount of pressure.

It is advised to repeat this test over a period of a week to make sure that the results which you are finding are consistent.

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