Erectile Dysfunction & Blood Pressure

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If you have a high blood pressure then you are more likely to have erectile problems. This is because the condition could damage the lining of the arteries that surround the penis. If these arteries fail to expand and let blood through then there will not be enough blood to be able to strengthen and maintain the erection.

Blood Pressure Treatment and Erectile Dysfunction

Blood pressure medication can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. The main drugs that are prescribed for blood pressure that could cause this uncommon side effect are thiazide diuretics and beta blockers. If you find that your erectile dysfunction problem is caused by blood pressure, then by regulating this problem your erectile dysfunction should be solved. If you think this is the case and that it is your blood pressure that is causing your problems then make an appointment with your GP to discuss your medication and to see if there are any other alternative treatments that you could try.

Treatment of Diabetic Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Most cases of blood pressure are caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some things to avoid doing to be able to regain a healthy blood pressure;

  • Smoking
  • Not taking regular exercise
  • Consuming a lot of alcohol either all at once or over an extended period of time.
  • Being overweight and having a high body mass index (BMI)
  • Not having a healthy diet.

It has also been proven that if a person in your family has suffered or is presently suffering from high blood pressure then you are more likely to have the problem.

High blood pressure is not completely curable but it can be regulated. If your blood pressure is only raised a little you may not need to be treated at all. Being checked up regularly by your GP is very important and some medical specialists advise investing in a blood pressure monitor for you to use at home so that you are able to check yourself on a more regular basis. Self help is strongly advised first, for example stopping smoking and living a healthier lifestyle as only after this method has failed is medication prescribed. These medicines include ACE inhibitors which widen the walls of your blood vessels, beta-blockers which reduce the strain on your heart and diuretics that reduce the volume of blood within your body.

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