Erectile Dysfunction Support Groups

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A really useful way of getting information about erectile dysfunction and meeting other people who suffer from the same condition as you is to attend and join some support groups.

These groups do not even need to be face to face meetings; instead you can look on the internet for a good website that offers message board discussions and online forums. These options are another really good way of asking questions to other men that are going through similar experiences especially if you are embarrassed about your condition.

Support groups specifically for Erectile Dysfunction

There are several groups that are just for men with erectile dysfunction such as the Institute of Psychosexual Counselling. This support group is based in the UK and it focuses on helping you with issues like ejaculation problems and low libido

Another support group that focuses on erectile dysfunction is The Sexual Dysfunction Association which was originally set up to help men with impotence problems but it has now branched out to help not just men and their partner’s surrounding impotence but all sexual problems. This support group also helps to raise awareness of the condition and to educate people about the symptoms and the treatment.

Other Support Groups that may be of use

As impotence can be a psychological problem as well as physical one there are other support groups that you should consider to be able to help you with your conditions.

If you suffer from depression or anxiety getting in touch with an association such as Depression Alliance is a good idea as it can offer personal help with your depression or anxiety.

As erectile dysfunction can also be caused by underlying health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, contacting groups such as Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation could be positive as they may be able to offer you advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

You may find some other of these support groups useful in giving you advice about your condition;

  • Diabetes Insight
  • Prostate Cancer Charity
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Age Concern England
  • Relate
  • Accord Marriage Care

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