Levitra, Blood Pressure & Diabetes

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Levitra like other erectile dysfunction drugs does have the side effect of lowering blood pressure and so if you already suffer from this condition then Levitra may not be suitable for your body. It is important that if you do suffer from either low or high blood pressure to make sure that it is properly monitored to decrease the risks of suffering from the potential side effects.

Blood Pressure and Levitra

If your blood pressure is unstable you will not be prescribed Levitra as it could further affect your health. On the other hand if your blood pressure levels are monitored and they do not fluctuate in an unsafe way then Levitra can be an extremely effective way of treating your erectile problems.

You should also inform your GP if you currently using beta blockers to treat your high blood pressure as Levitra may affect this medication especially if you are on a high dosage; this is because when Levitra is used alongside beta blockers it could potentially cause a harmful drop of blood pressure.

Having high blood pressure can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction. Most men’s high blood pressure tends to be caused by them not living a healthy lifestyle and by having a bad diet and not doing enough exercise. So if you are prescribed Levitra it is worthwhile to know that you will not be able to stay on the drug over an extended period of time and so you should think about trying to lower your blood pressure whilst on the drug so when you do eventually stop taking Levitra you can then regain a normal and naturally healthy sex life.

Diabetes and Levitra

In regards to Diabetes the many studies that have been done to look at the relationship between Levitra and Diabetes have shown that the drug does have a positive effect on solving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes. It has also been proven that the men with diabetes that have previously tried Viagra to solve their condition and failed often have a success with Levitra.

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