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Levitra is now available at both Lloyds and Boots pharmacy without an NHS or private prescription. This was first introduced as many men suffered from erectile dysfunction although very few actually sought help for the condition from their GP as many men feel embarrassed about talking to a doctor about their personal health problems.

To be able to get Levitra drugs from the pharmacies you first have to do an online questionnaire about your health and your medical history to make sure that you are not at risk from the serious side effects of the drug. If you pass this initial test then you are allowed to be prescribed a trail run if the drug although if you plan to use Levitra as a long term solution then you must have further medical tests. If the initial trial of Levitra is not successful the pharmacist may decide to try you on a higher dosage to see if the results are more satisfactory ones.

Having Levitra delivered

If you decide to purchase your Levitra by this method you cannot only pick up the medication from your local branch of the pharmacy but you can also request to have it delivered in discreet packaging by the royal mail. This then makes the entire process anonymous and it allows you to explore the treatment for your condition in a private way.

The doctor who has looked at your online questionnaire may also advice you about the underlying cause of the erectile symptoms and it is important to follow this advice and go and see your GP in person to investigate what is wrong. This is extremely important as the erectile problems could be hiding a much more serious health condition which you may need extra treatment for.

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