Erectile Dysfunction & Exercise

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Regular exercise is of the upmost importance to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle and to reduce the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Exercise is important as it improves the state of the cardiovascular system which allows the body to be able to have erections. When there is a problem with this part of your body such as with circulation and serious heart disease often erectile dysfunction is caused as a side effect. Surveys have shown that men who exercise up to 3 to 5 hours per week have a 30% less chance of having erectile problems.

Best Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

The best exercise to improve erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular exercise which helps the body to be able to fight against heart disease, high blood pressure and to maintain good circulation. Below are some sports that have been proven to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction;

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Team sports such as rugby and football

Exercises to Avoid for Erectile Dysfunction

It is advised that if you suffer from erectile dysfunction and you cycle more than 3 hours per week you should cut down on this exercise to see if this stops your erectile problems. This is because poorly made bike seats could be cutting off circulation in your groin and pelvic area.

Pelvic Floor Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

There are also some exercises that are specifically designed to improve the problems that you may be having with erectile dysfunction.

The muscle that is most important to have an erection and therefore should be trained and exercised is the pubococcygeus muscle (PC). You should train this muscle by tightening it in the inside then counting to 10 and then releasing. It is recommended that you should do up to 10 of these exercises, resting for 10 seconds between each one. You should then follow these exercises with between 5 and 10 short, strong tightening of the muscle. Both of these exercises should be performed between 4 and 5 times per day.

There are also plenty of other exercises that are recommended to help with pelvic muscle strength such as ‘lying pump’. This is a yoga exercise that improves blood circulation in your pelvis and it can also help to strengthen your back. An even easier exercise that is advised for to you do if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction are squats, this helps blood circulation and allows your groin to have more energy-rich blood which helps your body get and maintain an erection.

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