Erectile Dysfunction & Relationships

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Relationships can often be a vicious circle for erectile dysfunction. This is because erectile dysfunctions can cause problems within a relationship, and these relationship problems will then make the erectile dysfunctions worse because of stress and anxiety.

If your erectile problem is causing a strain on your relationships it is often a good idea to seek therapy or couples counselling.

Coping with Erectile Dysfunction Together

Erectile problems can obviously cause problems in your sex life especially if the erections that you have are not rigid enough to penetrate during intercourse. This can become extremely frustrating for both you and your partner especially if it is a new relationship or you and your partner are trying to conceive.

The best way to cope with this problem is to be open and honest about your condition and how it is affecting you. If you are secretive about your problems your partner may not understand what you are going through and this could then cause further strain on your relationship. If you do not tell the truth about your condition you could make your partner feel rejected and make them feel stressed and anxious about sex as well and also make them feel like they are the cause of your erection problems.

A good way of improving both your relationship problems and you erectile dysfunction is to do activities together such as exercise. Leading a non healthy lifestyle is the root cause of many erection problems, and so by getting fitter you can reduce your symptoms and spend quality time with your partner therefore improving the physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

Contacting support groups about relationship problems caused by erectile dysfunction is a good way to get help, advice and treatment about your condition. This is also a good way of getting answers to the many questions that both you and your partner may have.

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