Erectile Dysfunction & Surgery

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When all other types of erectile dysfunction treatments have failed in your search to solve your impotence condition then surgery is often the next step.

Surgery for erectile dysfunction tends to help one of these three areas;

  • To have a device implanted which can help the penis to become erect
  • To help increase the flow of blood in the penis by having surgery to reconstruct arteries
  • To stop the penis leaking blood once it is erect by blocking of the leaking veins

Before going ahead with any sort of surgery for erectile dysfunction it is important that you thoroughly research all of these procedures and discuss them with your GP to make sure that you are going ahead with the best surgery from you.

The best candidates for erectile dysfunction surgery to tend to be younger men especially with the reconstructing of artery surgeries as the older you are the bigger the blockages tend to be and the harder it is to solve.

Cost of Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction

The main problem that most men have with erectile dysfunction surgery is the price. This is because these surgeries can cost anywhere between £3,000 to £8,000. Because of this steep price tag men are often forced to take out loans for their surgery even when some of these procedures do not have a high success rate. Not only are these surgeries extremely expensive they are also very technically difficult and can cause extreme pain and side effects.

Side Effects of Surgery

  • Risk of infection
  • Having scar tissue form on the penis
  • Painful erections
  • Abnormal ejaculations
  • It could potentially cause the penis to shorten or feel numb

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