Side Effects of Viridal Duo for Erectile Dysfunction

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As with most of the treatments for erectile dysfunction Viridal Duo can potentially cause risks and side effects. It is essential that before taking the medication for the first time you should ensure that you are not allergic to any of it ingredients as this could increase your chances of having further risks and side effects.
There are some common side effects from Viridal Duo which you should expect from at least the first few applications if the medication and these include pain at the site of the injection and a feeling of tension or mild pain within the penis immediately after the injection has been administered.  

These milder side effects should reduce as you carry on taking the medication; if they do not then you should stop taking the medication and seek medical advice as you may need to have your dosage altered. If this does not work then you may have to move on to an alternative treatment for your erectile dysfunction.

Other side effects which could potentially happen whilst taking Viridal Duo are listed below;

  • Mild pain in the testicles
  • Mild pain within the penis
  • Developing an abnormal heart beat
  • Blood clots at the injection site
  • Suffering from low blood pressure
  • Needing to pass urine after having the injection
  • Having abnormal ejaculations
  • Developing a yeast infection
  • Itching and infections at the site of the injection
  • Suffering from a tightened foreskin
  • Mild bleeding from the urethra
  • Developing an inflamed penis

It is important to remember that when using Viridal Duo you should never be using other medication for treating erectile dysfunction as they could potentially react with each other and cause further damage to your health.  Viridal Duo can also potentially affect many other prescription drugs and so before using this treatment it is important that you discuss all of your current medication with your GP.

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