GPs deciding the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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There are three main categories to consider when prescribing any treatment for erectile dysfunction.

  • The treatment which both you and your partner feels the most comfortable with using.
  • The GP will look at your medical history to see if you are suffering or have suffered from any significant medical conditions which may be causing your erectile problems.
  • The GP will also consider what other medications you are using and assessing whether the erectile dysfunction treatment could interfere with any of them.

It is also important for GPs to consider the exact causes of your erectile dysfunction, this is especially important if you are suffering from psychological problems as this would mean that you would not need intrusive surgery or medication.

The GPs will then consider the period of time in which you have been suffering from these problems. This because most men in their lifetime at some point do suffer from short term erectile dysfunction and so a time frame of 3 months is normally used to see if your problems are solved naturally.

There are also other factors like are you overweight or consuming too much alcohol because if this is the cause the GP may be a little reluctant to prescribe medication when your life style could be the cause behind your erectile problems. In this case it is normally advised that you help yourself by leading a healthier lifestyle as medication could add do more damage to your health.

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