Levitra Contraindications

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Like both Cialis and Viagra, Levitra also has several contraindications which you should know about before using the drug.These include the following;

  • Never mixing Levitra and Nitrates. This is important as this could cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure
  • You should never use recreational drugs whilst using Levitra. Poppers is the main recreational drug that should be avoided as this to contains nitrates and could cause a potentially fatal effect
  • If you are currently taking have recently taken alpha blocker medication to help with your blood pressure as Levitra could react against the drug and cause further risks and side effects that could seriously damage your health
  • You should avoid drinking grapefruit juice whilst using Levitra
  • Before taking the medication you should first read all the ingredients that are shown to be in the tablet and check if you are allergic to them. If you are unsure about what the names mean it is best to check with your GP before taking the drug.
  • If you have angina that is unstable or have suffered from a serious heart failure then it is normally advised for you to not take this drug
  • You should not use Levitra if you blood sugar levels are unstable or if they are not being monitored properly.
  • If you or a close member of your family have a degenerative eye disease then again you are generally advised to not use Levitra or at the very least to use it with extreme caution. This is because the possible side effects could cause or make worse any eye disorders that you may have
  • You should not use Levitra if you are in need of having a kidney dialysis
  • If you have had a heart attack in the last 6 months then you should not take Levitra

This is by no means a complete list of contraindications and so if you have any worries about whether you are suitable or not for the drug then make an appointment with your GP and seek further medical advice.

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