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Macrolane for Buttocks

The gluteus maximus, or the buttocks are the largest muscle in the human body and popular culture has led to them being also one of the most highly considered areas of the body. A well defined buttocks area is a sign of health and beauty in both men and women, and if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of yours Macrolane could be the answer. Macrolane is a product designed to plump and firm your body using your body’s own natural processes. An injection of Macrolane, a clear, hyaluronic acid based gel, reacts with your body causing the production of water and the tensing and firming of the surrounding flesh. This sculpts the contours of your buttocks into the desired shape and simultaneously smoothes and evens skin tones. Hyaluronic acids are found naturally in the body, in the layers under the skin and Macrolane works alongside these already present acids to enhance your appearance. Macrolane is so close to the body’s natural acids that it breaks down naturally within the body after 12 months.  

What is treatment for buttocks with Macrolane like?

After an in-depth consultation with your cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic practioner to discuss the ideal contours and shape of your buttocks you will be scheduled a treatment. An injection of local anaesthetic will numb the buttocks area during the procedure and then you will have the Macrolane introduced to your system using an ultra-fine needle. O significant invasive procedure is required and no uncomfortable skin tests as with other cosmetic products such as collagen.  This will involve a small injection of local anaesthetic followed by a series of small injections of Macrolane in the desired area of treatment with an ultra-fine needle. The acids within the Macrolane will begin to react with your body immediately, and visible results may be visible very shortly after the treatment has been carried out. After the procedure is complete and the effects of the anaesthetic fade you will most likely experience a feeling of slight tenderness around the treated area as well as a little redness and swelling. This can last a couple of days but Q-Med, the company that produce Macrolane, promise a quick recovery time and you ought to be able to return to work or your everyday routine within a couple of days.  A follow-up appointment with your consultant ought to be scheduled where you will be recommended a routine of post-care ought to be recommended for you by your aesthetic practioner, usually including firm massage of the treated buttocks area for a couple of weeks after undergoing the procedure. Macrolane tends to give positive effects for around twelve months, although this does vary depending on the individual. At this time you will need to schedule a top-up treatment with your aesthetic practioner.

Risks Involved

The major risks of cosmetic procedures, such as significant scarring or allergic reactions are almost unheard of with Macrolane which is what makes it such an attractive product for use on reshaping your buttocks. Macrolane utilises the body’s natural processes, and is therefore biodegradable and is absorbed within the body over time there is little chance of an adverse effect. You need not undergo the uncomfortable skin tests and are at a much lower risk of an allergic reaction, unlike collagen, as it is derived from bacterial processes within a laboratory and is a non-animal based product.

The most common side-effect, though this is still rare, is the gel becoming hardened into small lumps under the skin. However following a good routine of post-care, including firm massage of the treated buttocks area ought to prevent and also treats this side-effect. If you do experience any adverse effects you ought to consult your general practioner or cosmetic surgeon immediately.

Any medical procedure carries a small risk of infection or adverse reaction, and you ought to talk through all possible outcomes with your aesthetic before you agree to undertake any procedure, as well as giving you good after-care to ensure that the treatment suits you. The Swedish based company that produces Macrolane is called Q-Med and has an excellent record of safety and high standards in the testing and production of its products. You can visit the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ website to ensure you have approached a good clinic you and check if your aesthetic practioner is a member. This organisation registers all its members with the General Medical Council, and requires them to undergo regular checks and tests to ensure they have the highest possible standards of care, surgical skill and hygiene.

Costs of Macrolane for buttocks

Treatment with Macrolane cost is general upwards of £2000, but this varies depending on the individual, as well as the level of reshaping and sculpting you want for your buttocks and the individual surgery will set its own prices. Research your local surgeries thoroughly to ensure you are receiving the best deal and level of care, and remember that as tempting as overseas clinics can appear they are not as thoroughly regulated as British ones and that your level of care could be much lower.

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