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Macrolane for the Stomach

If you are dissatisfied with your stomach, perhaps you would like a smooth, more toned stomach area or possibly you have undergone liposuction or another cosmetic procedure which has left you with marks or scars that you wish to improve the appearance of, Macrolane could be the answer. Macrolane is a clear gel, based on hyaluronic acids that work with the body’s natural sugar acids to increase the level of water and acid production in the layer just under the skin. This leaves the stomach with a smoother and more even appearance, and can sculpt and tone the area into natural and more attractive contours. The product’s effects last around a year and naturally break down in your body’s system, and can be replenished to maintain the effect on your stomach. A treatment such as is suitable for both men and women and can improve your self-esteem by giving you the waist you want: making clothes fit more flatteringly or by giving you the confidence to show your stomach on holidays or at the swimming pool.

What is treatment of the for stomach with Macrolane like?

There is no need for invasive surgical procedure with Macrolane; instead you will receive an injection of local anaesthetic in your stomach area followed by a series of injections of Macrolane using an ultra-fine needle. A good consultation process can ensure you get exactly the stomach and the level of care that you want, and the surgeon ought to discuss all of your options and possible outcomes with you before you undergo any procedure. Results can be seen almost immediately after treatment as the hyaluronic acid begins to react with your body. After the numbing effects of the local anaesthetic have worn off you will begin to feel a little tenderness and soreness in the stomach area that has been treated. A little redness can also be expected, but all these effects ought only to last a couple of days and the recovery process is promised to be a quick one by the manufacturers so you may be able to return to your every day routine within a couple of days. Your consultant may stipulate some post-care routines, such as avoiding sleeping on your belly for a couple of weeks after treatment as well as firm massage of the treated area to ensure an even distribution of the Macrolane across your stomach. You may have a follow-up appointment scheduled with your aesthetic practioner of cosmetic surgeon to check your stomach has responded well to the treatment of Macrolane and to ensure you received the best possible overall care. If you wish to retain the positive effects it is worth scheduling a repeat treatment after about 9 or 12 months, when the product will naturally begin to break down naturally within the body.

Costs of Macrolane for stomachs

Treatment for the stomach with Macrolane starts at around £2000, but depends on both the level of sculpting you desire as well as the surgery you approach so you ought to research thoroughly to make sure you receive the best price and care. Repeat treatment is required roughly once a year and the cost of this ought to be considered also.

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